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Brigantino Ranch in Tennessee!

What an amazing roller coaster ride we have been on over the past couple of years...although we loved Florida and lived there for 10 years, our dream was to settle in Tennessee. Our son lives in Nashville area and is in the music industry so that was also a large part of wanting to be in Tennessee. We decided last spring to list our home and it did not sell after 3 months so we took it off the market. We contacted investors, looked into a bunch of ways to possibly still move but nothing worked so we let it go thinking we would just stay in Florida and continue our farm business there.

One morning we received a text message from an agent who asked if we were still interested in selling because she had a client who may be interested. We said yes and within 3 days we had a solid offer we could not refuse. So my husband and I packed our home and moved up to Middle Tennessee, found a small ranch and purchased it! We took our Brigantino Ranch sign that my husband made and will be putting it in the ground here very soon. It was truly a blessing and we are so excited to be here and begin raising our chickens again!

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